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Bieye L11401 Tiffany Style Dragonfly Wall Lamp, Night Light with 6-inch

This is a tiffany-style red-bodied dragonfly night lamp and could easily be plugged into wall socket. Lively dragonfly brings you a little mid-summer nights' dreaminess, great pieces to lighten up any room, hand crafted with genuine stained glass, the warm color glow of the stained glass will create a warmth to your home. High quality stained glass non-fading/rich texture/vary widely in color 1. The thickness of stained glass sheet is 3-5mm and the glass is colored by adding metallic oxide powders or finely divided metals while it is in a molten state, so the color will never fade. 2. The stained glass color changes unpredictably during high temperature melting process, so the color may vary, even in the same type of glass sheet, just like there are no two identical leaves in the world. 3. The value of stained glass is vary in color and texture, from white to amber, cyan, blue, green, yellow, red orange and pink, the more beautiful and diverse range of color, the higher prices are driven. 4. Most of the stained glass is different with ordinary glass, because it doesn’t have pure color, usually, the colors are mixed together and the color stripes inside glass is very real and natural, moreover, the color of stained glass appears to be different when the luminous beam with different color temperature going through the glass sheet. .

Bieye L11401 Tiffany Style Dragonfly Wall Lamp - Night Light with 6-inch Stained Glass Lampshade - Red Features

  1. Magical home decor: If you have an aesthetic appreciation and likes to add something beautiful
  2. Amazing artistic work: The beautiful glass-work on this tiffany lamp is simply unrivaled
  3. Electrical specifications: 1-max 25watt e12 bulb holder witch rocker switch and type a plug

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