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Serena D'italia Tiffany Style Lamps, Blue Contemporary Floor Lamp,

This unique Tiffany-style lamp has been handcrafted using methods first developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The shade contains pieces of stained glass, each hand-cut and wrapped in fine copper foil, in rich tones of blue, white, and yellow.

Serena D'italia Tiffany Style Lamps - Blue Contemporary Floor Lamp - Mosaic Stained Glass Lamp and Bronze Finish Base - Double Pull Chain (Blue - White - Yellow) Features

  1. PERIOD FEATURES - Double ball-style lamp pull chain with rustic bronze finished stand up base.
  2. AGED CHARACTER - Mosaic floor lamps for living room, bedrooms, bedside, reading, boudoir or hallway.
  3. DECOR SHADE - Hand cut, stained glass lamp shade. Elegant, warm glow in rich blue, white and yellow.
  4. VICTORIAN FLAIR - Stylish lighting for any room with intricately detailed Tiffany style floor lamps.

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