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STGLIGHTING H-type 3 wire track light pendants Length 4.9 feet restauran

Track lighting allows you to move the lights and their angles to light any room perfectly.
With our vast selection, some styles are able to be mixed with another.
We have every finish that you could want. Track lighting can hug its base or hang down some like a pendant.
The design that you choose will be sure to make your room perfect and free from dark spots.
The adjustable function in track lighting allows you to be creative in the placement of each light.
You can accent feature points in your room and get the proper lighting tone that you are wanting at the same time.
Our selection includes simple, quirky, and elegant options.
Your needs and style preference are sure to be met with our wonderful selection. Our prices can fit any budget.
We primarily carry H-type compatible products
Track lighting comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be used in residential and commercial applications as a source of accent lighting to illuminate shelves and artwork, task lighting over kitchen islands, or even ambient lighting in long, narrow rooms like hallways.
There are three types of tracks: H, J, and L. If you already have track lights that you are trying to extend, it is very important to match the type of track because H, J, and L tracks are not compatible with each other.
These different types of track all come in single or two (dual) circuit options and have similar lamp heads and accessories.
When choosing the type of track lighting is right for you, first decide if you need a single or dual circuit track. Single circuit tracks mean all the track heads turn on and off together; with dual circuit tracks, you can have two groups of track heads synced to turn on and off independently of one another.
If you are not sure how to connect the cables safely and competently, please refer to a professional electrician.
If you have any special requests about this product, please contact us

STGLIGHTING H-type 3 wire track light pendants Length 4.9 feet restaurant chandelier decorative Chandelier instant pendant light bulb not include Tiffany Pendant Lamp (gdtb0203) Features

  1. There is no switch on the lamp body, bulb not included
  2. The product is easy to install without electricians Turn off the power, insert the product according to the direction of the arrow, rotate 90 degrees, install the bulb, turn on the power supply
  3. Lampshade size: diameter: 7.87 (in)
  4. The length of the wire is 4.9 feet. You need to customize the wire length. Please contact us

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